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Flora and Fauna and a few subaquatic animals

I would love to be able to display just one prize winning "Planet earth" type shot but when it comes to it I haven't the patience, skill or equipment! Anyway here are a few shots I like, not commercial quality but I was pleased with them, Especially the Turtle which is taken on a 3 mega pixel nikon compact.

Red squirel in Eskdale

There are plenty of red squirrels left in the area but over the last few years the greys have started to move in.

Mating Grey Wagtails

Unusual but too much movement and not enough light for a good shot, and a tripod would have been useful

Robin leaving the nest

Lots of wildlife in my dad's back garden!

Turtle with Ramoras in the red Sea

I love to dive and would like to take stunning underwater seascapes, but it is not a cheap business beyond the compact camera so I will stick with my compact and my holiday snaps for now.

Lion Fish with highlighted colouration

A bit of fun with photoshop!

Hows wood

My favourite bit of local woodland

Herdwick sheep in winter

Gorse Bush with frost

Frost is beautiful and it tends to stay still!