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My Camera Equipment

When I first started out repairing cameras I was given a project to completely rebuild a Nikkormat which was a very early 35mm SLR, with its cast body and solid brass covers this had me hooked into the Nikon ethos.

Since then I have owned various Nikons including an Fe2 which I rebuilt from scrap. Now of course repairing cameras is a distant memory and I have gone digital with a Nikon D90, this camera with 12.3mp enables me to print upto atleast A3 and create huge panoramas upto 8 metres long! I am still able to use some of my prime lens' but find SD 12-24mm is on the camera more often than not. For indoors I have the versatile SB800 flash unit with some slave units. I have been carting round a nice sturdy Velbon tripod, which is great but does stick a longway out of a daysack for the fells, so I have just purchased a Gorrila Pod. This is an interesting little tripod which will grip to many things, its only drawback being it is so small you end up lying on the ground a lot! Also it is pretty much landscape only unless there is a handy fence post or small tree to wrap it round,

Sitting in a cupboard I have a Mamiya 645 1000s medium format camera which I love to use more but digital is so muuch easier, still I cant quite bring myself to part with it!